Safe Routes to School Poster Contest

This year the SR2S Program received 198 entries from 18 schools in Solano County. Thank you to the schools and teachers that encouraged their students to participate in our 5th Annual Safe Routes to School Poster Contest.

Students in grades K-12 were asked to design a poster using one of the following safety messages:

  • Always wear a helmet when riding your bike or scooter.
  • Cross the street at the crosswalk.
  • Always make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street.
  • Look before your cross: left, right, left again.
  • Don’t talk or text on your phone when crossing the street (put those headphones away too).

The winners have been chosen and their artwork will be featured in a Safe Routes to School 2020 calendar! The First Place winner in each category will also receive a gift certificate to a local bike shop.

See the 2019 winning artwork here

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

First Place:  Julia Miller, Cordelia Hills Elementary
Second Place:  Travis Santiago, Sierra Vista K-8
Third Place:  Lyla Stubbendorff, Foxboro Elementary
Fourth Place:  Amaya Johnson, Foxboro Elementary

3rd – 5th Grade
First Place:  Robert Miller, Cordelia Hills Elementary
Second Place:  Keira Call, Robert Semple Elementary
Third Place:  Jaimyah Jenkins, Crescent Elementary
Fourth Place:  Emma Eastlund, Foxboro Elementary

6th – 8th Grade
First Place:  Sarosh Addanki, Green Valley Middle School
Second Place:  Grace Miller, Green Valley Middle School
Third Place:  Corey Liew, Dan O Root Health & Wellness Academy
Fourth Place:  Anika Lum, Grange Middle School

9th – 12th Grade
First Place:  Lauren Miller, Visions in Education


Winners from the 2018 Safe Routes to School Poster Contest

For the 4th Annual SR2S Poster Contest, students were asked to design a poster to showcase the positive impact of walking and biking to school on the environment, traffic and student health.

View the winning artwork from 2018.

Kindergarten – 2nd:

1st Place – Julia M. Cordelia Hills Elementary, Fairfield
2nd Place – Melanie N. Padan Elementary, Vacaville

3rd – 5th:

1st Place – Neharah S. Foxboro Elementary, Vacaville
2nd Place – Jeremy C. Padan Elementary, Vacaville

6th – 8th:

1st Place – Whitney G. Summit Academy, Vacaville
2nd Place – Kristin S. Crystal Middle School, Suisun City

9th – 12th:

1st Place – Lauren M. Rodriguez High School, Fairfield

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