About Safe Routes to School

Solano Safe Routes to School – Your Kids. Your School. Your Community.

What are the Benefits?

The number of children who walk or bike to school in the U.S. has steadily decreased over the last 50 years. At the same time communities, including Solano County, are seeing increases in traffic around schools, air pollution, and childhood obesity. To help address these problems, the Solano Transportation Authority (STA) launched the Solano County Safe Routes to School program in 2008. In partnership with Solano County Public Health, the program brings together city planners, traffic engineers, law enforcement, educators and parents to  encourage walking and biking to school by creating safer, less congested routes to school.

Safe Routes to School programs can:

  • Increase the number of children walking and biking to school safely
  • Reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality around schools
  • Increase daily physical activity levels and reduce obesity and other health risks
  • Improve academic performance among children

The Safe Routes to School program offers a wide range of free programs, activities and events for schools.

Successful Safe Routes to School programs include each of the 6 E’s

  1. Education – ensures children, parents and the community know how to walk, bike and drive safely.
  2. Engineering – makes sure the streets and sidewalks around schools are built for safety.
  3. Encouragement – makes it fun for children, parents and the community to walk and bike.
  4. Enforcement – ensures traffic laws and school policies are followed.
  5. Evaluation – checks the progress of the program and makes changes as needed.
  6. Engagement – emphasizes the importance of involving schools, parents, youth and other key stakeholders in the process to ensure program sustainability.
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