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SR2S Highlights and
Annual Report FY 2022-23


The 2022-2023 Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the program’s initiatives, achievements, and impact over the past year.

The SR2S program continues to make strides in fostering walkable and bikeable communities while empowering future generations to embrace healthy habits and active lifestyles.

Read more about the SR2S partnerships that were strengthened and projects that were completed that support the 6Es of the Solano SR2S Program in the 2022-2023 SR2S Annual Report.

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Safe Routes to School Evaluation and Intervention Project

In January 2018, the SR2S Program began working with consultant Alta Planning + Design to evaluate program feasibility and develop effective measurement tools in particular, those that can measure the effectiveness of the SR2S program over time. The project assessed collision data nearest schools and performed countywide walkability assessments and audits around 12 schools countywide to determine future infrastructure projects and programmatic needs at the schools. As part of the Evaluation Project, three pilot schools were selected as case studies to evaluate the effectiveness of SR2S programming especially in relation to upcoming infrastructure improvements and pilot activities. The three schools were Mary Farmar in Benicia, Dan O. Root Health and Wellness Academy in Suisun City and Anderson Elementary in Dixon.

Read the Walk Audit Reports and Final Activity Evaluation Report

2013 SR2S Plan

The Solano County Safe Routes to School (SR2S) program is a multifaceted effort to increase the number of students who walk, bike, rideshare, or take transit to and from school. The benefits from increased use of these travel modes are myriad: it can improve air quality, reduce congestion around schools, reduce health risks associated with childhood obesity, improve safety around schools, teach students safety skills, improve students’ focus in the classroom, and foster a closer sense of community among participants.

STA completed and adopted an SR2S Plan in 2008. The 2013 Plan is an update to that plan and refocuses the goals of the program while providing new and expanded material for prioritizing future program investments. This plan was formed over multiple rounds of input with stakeholders at the countywide and individual jurisdiction/school district levels.

The 2013 Plan Update includes evaluation of progress on the goals and objectives of the STA 2008 SR2S plan, school site walk audit evaluations for seventeen schools around the county, an introduction to new program materials (including new suggested route to school maps and route planning tools), and data results collected from both student and parent travel surveys.

2023 Safe Routes 2 School Plan Update

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