Fall 2018 Travel Surveys

Thank you to the 32 Solano County Schools and 388 classrooms that participated in the Fall 2018 Student Travel Tally Surveys. Thank you for participating in this useful tool to help identify trends, and the impact of the Safe Routes to School Programs on Solano County students.

Student Travel Surveys

Since the development of the first Solano County Safe Routes to School Plan in 2008, schools throughout the county have been recording the travel habits of students. Each school year, teachers at participating schools conduct a “hand tally” during multiple days in October and May, asking students to raise hands according to how they got to and from school that day. Schools participating in the SR2S program are encouraged to return the surveys, which are needed to help secure grant funding.

Despite the factors that point to increased driving, the hand tallies suggest progress is being made to get students and parents walking to school more often.  STA has begun to implement more robust programming and promote the concept of walking school buses, and the increase in student walking trips may be the fruits of these labors.



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