International Walk to School Day 2021

International Walk to School Day 2021 is Wednesday, October 6th

What are the Benefits?

Studies show that students who skip the car, and walk or bike to school have higher test scores, and better grades.  Not only is it good for your body, but the environment benefits too. Consider getting a group of parents and kids to walk to school that day.

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Each October, students throughout Solano County, the nation and the world are encouraged make the effort to get out of the car and walk to school on International Walk to School Day.

Due to COVID-19 and distance learning last school year, Walk to School Day 2020 was cancelled. Now that students have returned to campuses Solano SR2S is looking forward to bringing back this yearly celebration, while adhering to COVID safety protocols.

In years past, Walk to School Day has been a great success and positive experience for our school communities. We are hoping to achieve those same results this year while adhering to safety guidelines and precautions. To help make it as safe as possible we can provide suggestions to help you organize your event, incentives for participants, and assist you with any questions you may have.

Congratulations to the 21 schools participated this year.

Missed out celebrating this year? You can still hold a Walk or Wheel (WoW) Week. Contact us to help get started.

Here are some great ideas for your WoW Week!

We look forward to bringing back our regular celebrations for International Walk to School Day in 2022.

Schools across Solano celebrated in 2019

48 school across Solano County celebrated International Walk to School Day on October 2, 2019. This annual event was another great success! Over 9,100 students participated as “Safe Routes Superheroes” by skipping the car ride and walking to school.

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