SR2S Micro-Grant Program

What are the Benefits?

The Solano SR2S Micro-Grant Pilot Program launched in Fall 2019, provides funding for smaller infrastructure and/or pedestrian or bike projects that will increase safety and encourage more students to walk and bike to school.

General information from the Pilot 2019-2020 Micro Grant can be viewed by downloading the packet below.

2019 Pilot Micro Grant Information Packet

Based on the needs and feedback from cities and schools for small-scale project support, the Solano SR2S Program has received approval from the STA Board to pilot a SR2S Micro-Grant Program to begin in fiscal year 2019-2020. The funds awarded through this program will support small-scale projects or capital purchases that encourage bike and pedestrian usage and improve bike and pedestrian safety around Solano County schools. The SR2S Micro-Grant Pilot Program will be funded through Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds, air district grants and High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) fines.

This grant opportunity is open to all Solano County cities, schools, school districts, community organizations and youth groups. Projects could include (but are not limited to): purchasing and installing bike racks and safety-related signage; providing safety equipment (bike helmets, vests, reflectors); creating green bike lanes or making other infrastructure improvements at/around schools.

Completed Micro Grant Projects by City

Joe Henderson Elementary

Joe Henderson Elementary School PTO applied for funding to improve the crossing at Hastings and Sweetbrier. Funding was awarded for the purchase of a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB), these warning lights aid in alerting drivers to the presence of pedestrians in the crosswalk. This project was completed in February 2021, concurrently with additional improvements as part of a larger Safe Routes to School Project. The additional improvements included widening the sidewalk north of the driveway, ADA curb ramps and accessibility.

Dixon Montessori Charter School

Dixon Montessori was awarded safety equipment and incentive items for a new drop-off and pick-up plan and their weekly Walk or Wheel (WOW) Wednesday program.

Riverview Middle School

Riverview Middle School received funding to construct a fenced bike corral to keep students’ bikes and scooters safe during the school day. (click on photo to view larger).

Students’ comments on the project:
Blake – I always ride my bike. It’s a lot faster and cheaper and works better for my family. My parents are really busy. It’s an easier way for me to get to school on my own. It makes me feel safer putting my bike in there. I left my bike accidentally at school overnight last year and it was stolen. So I’m glad it will be locked up now. I may ride my skateboard now too.

Levi – I usually take the bus, but with coronavirus, it will be easier to take my long board or bike. I’m always worried about it being taken from school. The gated area will be locked. That’s nice.

Pictures show fenicing and storage locker around student bike racks

Kairos Public Schools

Kairos Public Schools (Vacaville) received safety equipment for their existing drop-off an pick-up program including high visibility signage for crosswalks around the school. The school will be using incentives received for a new walking program and pedometers for use in PE classes.

Radar Feedback Signs

The City of Vacaville completed the installation of 5 Radar Feedback Signs at Browns Valley, Callison, and Cambridge Elementary schools in early August 2020.  (click on photo to view larger)

Vaca Pena Middle School

Vaca Pena Middle School in Vacaville completed the installation of locking scooter/skateboard racks and bicycle tire pump,  encouraging more students to ride to school.
“With our ever changing world and families with challenging work schedules, now more than ever I believe that our students will be utilizing bikes, scooters and skateboards to attend school once we begin our in-person learning in the upcoming weeks. “ – Principal C. Moe

Sierra Vista K-8 School

Sierra Vista received walk and bike incentive items to support their Healthy Sierra Vista initiative when students return to campus
“Creating a healthy environment for all the students at our school is exactly what we, as a PTC, are aiming to do.” – Sierra Vista K-8 PTC President

Dan Mini Elementary and Everest Academy received safety equipment for high traffic Drop-off and Pick-up times.

Dan Mini Elementary also received walking program incentives and bike safety equipment to help students get to school safely by skipping the car ride, these items included bike helmets, bike locks, and small bike repair kits.

Micro Grant Project Awards 2020-21

Micro-Grant Project Awards: Cycle 1 (2019-2020)
The Safe Routes to School Program received 16 grant applications totaling $211,466 in funding requests, exceeding the amount of available funds. Due to the strong interest to fund smaller scale projects, staff is planning to recommend continuing the program next fiscal year. Below is the list of projects awarded funding:

  • City of Vacaville: radar feedback signs
  • City of Vallejo: radar feedback signs
  • Browns Valley Elementary (Vacaville): bike and scooter racks
  • Dan Mini Elementary (Vallejo): safety signage and equipment, walk/bike incentives
  • Dixon Montessori Charter School (Dixon): safety signage and equipment, walk/bike incentives
  • Everest Academy (Vallejo): safety equipment, walk/bike incentives
  • Joe Henderson Elementary (Benicia): high visibility crosswalk improvements
  • Kairos Public Schools (Vacaville): safety signage and equipment, walk/bike incentives
  • Knight Middle School (Dixon): bike racks
  • Mary Farmar Elementary (Benicia): safety signage and equipment
  • Riverview Middle School (Rio Vista): bike corral fencing and scooter storage
  • Sierra Vista K-8 (Vacaville): incentives promoting physical activity events
  • Solano-Widenmann K-8 (Vallejo): walk/bike incentives
  • Vaca Pena Middle School (Vacaville): scooter racks and air pump
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