Youth Engagement Program Projects

Armijo High School Leadership

In the 2017-18 school year, Armijo High School students began their YPAR program and surveyed fellow students on their travel behaviors for getting to and from school. The students were asked if they travel by car, carpool, public transit, walk or bike. The team also asked about barriers to walking and biking and if the student would be willing to consider using forms of transportation other than their current mode.

In Spring 2018, the students joined Safe Routes to School staff, FSUSD Facilities Department staff and engineering consultants in a walk and bike audit of Armijo High School. The students were able to provide information on travel patterns of their fellow students, in order to evaluate potential projects and improvements for travel around the school.

At the end of their project the students presented their findings to the Solano Safe Routes to School Advisory Committee. Their findings and presentation can be viewed here.

Dixon Police Department Cadets

During the 2017-18 school year, the Dixon Police Department joined Solano Safe Routes to School with their Youth Engagement Project to provide bicycle education rodeos at schools in the City of Dixon. The cadets worked with staff from Solano Public Health and SR2S to set up, and run skill stations for elementary age students.

The partnership with the Dixon Cadet Program allowed SR2S and Solano Public Health staff to provide fun and educational events at several schools that often rely on volunteer time from parents. Usually Bike Rodeo events are held after school with a limited number of participants. Because of the partnership with the Dixon PD Cadets, these events were held during school therefore allowing students from the entire school to participate. Sgt. Brad Harms was the lead for the Cadet Program and was able to organize out of class time for the cadets to participate in these events.

This project with the Dixon PD Cadets provided great experiences in leadership for the cadets and community building with the schools and the SR2S Program.

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